About Vibrant Future Coalition

Our Mission:

Vibrant Future Coalition (VFC) strives to collaborate with partners in Clackamas and East Multnomah County areas by providing education and creating community-wide change in order to reduce substance use among youth.


The Coalition resides and operates on the unceded, occupied, and ancestral territories of the Chinook, Cowlitz, and Clackamas Peoples who speak the traditional Upper Chinook and Chinuk Wawa languages. Truth and acknowledgment are critical to building mutual respect and connection across all barriers of heritage and difference.

We begin this effort to acknowledge what has been buried by honoring the Truth. We pay respects to elders past and present who inhabit this land, and to all generations of activists who are fighting every day against cultural, linguistic, territorial erasure. We grieve the many missing and murdered indigenous womxn whose lives were taken from us too soon but whose spirits live on. 


Please take a moment to consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and settlement that allow us to work in this beautiful region. Join us in uncovering such truths within your own organizations and public events.

Using the Strategic Prevention Framework, our coalition strives to identify the problems, root causes, and specific local conditions (supported with data) that influence the areas we serve. We then utilize all sectors of the community to plan, organize and implement the seven strategies of community change. The coalition is currently focusing on enhancing skills for students, staff, and parents in order to increase positive and decrease negative risk factors for substance abuse.


VFC uses the positive community norms approach to help change the norm that the majority of youth are using substances to the reality that they are not! VFC also educates the community, schools and government officials about best practices to help change policies, rules, procedures and/or regulations in regards to marijuana, tobacco, prescription drug/opioids and alcohol or any legislation that may affect youth access, usage, and norms.


VFC has served the area for almost 9 years and has seen a notable decline in 30-day use, as well as an increase in the perceived risk of harm of substances in the communities we support.

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