Our Programs

in our schools

In schools, we present on drug and alcohol prevention strategies in order to educate and inform youth about efective refusal skills, peer pressure strategies, as well as posiitive community norms in their community to combat stereotypes. Additionally, we work with a number of after school groups like Gender and Sexuality Alliances and Unity Clubs to promote healthy relationships and safe behavior. 


Community workshops

Community workshops involve trainings like Naloxone administration, panel presentations on the social determinants of health, fundraisers, and quarterly meeting brunches. 




We keep advocate for bills and legislative changes that relate to substance use prevention, sexual assault prevention, bullying prevention, suicide intervention policies, getting Naloxone into our schools, and many more! 


Summer youth


Photovoice is a summer photography camp that has been a cornerstone of Vibrant Future Coalition since 2014. Every year, we bring together youth from the surrounding community to learn about digital photography, explore the city, play games, and promote social action.



local committees

Vibrant Future hosts two sub-committees. Macro Committee focuses on large-scale issues like legislative advocacy, Naloxone trainings, and Cannabis Community Safety Toolkits. Equity Committee brings awareness to how historically marginalized communities are more affected by substance use disorder, and promotes initiatives to reduce this health discrepancy through prevention education. 




We partner with a number of organizations (see the "Partnerships" page) ranging from state and federal groups to municipalities, law enforcement, community organizations, drug and alcohol counselors, school districts, teachers, youth organizations, LGBTQ+ organizations, marijuana dispensaries, and many more!



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