Talk, Lock & Drop is an initiative created by Vibrant Future Coalition to reduce youth access to prescription opioids. Parents should talk to their teen about the dangers of prescription opioid misuse, lock their opioids and other addictive medication in lockboxes, and drop their excess medication into an envelope or local drop box for safe, easy disposal. Together we can support healthy choices and reduce access to these highly addictive medications.



The following questions are conversation starters to have with your kids about prescription drug use and abuse. Feel free to use them exactly or make up your own. If you have unique issues you'd like help addressing, talk with your doctor or contact us!

  • Do you think misusing prescription pills is harmful? Have you ever known someone who has taken other people’s medication or taken more than was prescribed to them?

  • What’s the difference between misuse and proper use?

  • What are some signs and symptoms of opioid misuse or addiction?

  • Where do you think your peers are getting these prescriptions from?

  • Do you think there are any long-term consequences associated with misusing prescription medication?

  • Why might some people think that all prescription drugs are safe, no matter how you take them?​ 




Vibrant Future Coalition sells multiple types of lockboxes at cost. Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more, or you can find great alternatives online like this one from Amazon:








The Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies site lists all the prescription drop-off sites in the state of Oregon. It is updated periodically.

You can also package your leftover prescriptions in a dissolving envelope like this one from Deterra.