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Welcome to Recovery
Donation Gift Boxes

Vibrant Future Coalition is fundraising for vital prevention programs for at-risk youth in Clackamas and Multnomah Counties.

By purchasing a "Recovery Box" for an individual or family, your support will be two-fold: not only will you provide comforting items for people starting the first step of their journey to recover from substance use, but you'll also support critical youth programming to help kids grow into successful adults without abusing drugs and alcohol.

For each Recovery Box, 50% of your donation goes towards gifting items to a person newly in recovery, and the other 50% goes directly towards funding our innovative and life-changing prevention programs for youth living in our region.

How to Purchase:

  1. Click on the button(s) below to purchase an Individual Box or a Family Box. The link will take you to Vibrant Future Coalition's donation webpage.

  2. Select the dollar amount depending on the type of box you'd like to donate ($50 or $100).

  3. Type in the description (Individual or Family) under the "Tell Us About Yourself"section.

  4. Enter your payment information and click submit. We will email you to confirm your donation. Thank you!

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Individual Box

You can purchase an Individual Box to support someone newly in recovery from addiction. This box includes hair care products, brand-new fluffy towels, a scented candle, a gratitude journal, and a dose of nasal naloxone. 

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Family Box

By purchasing a Family Box, you'll support a parent who is newly in recovery from addiction. This box contains items that promote family bonding, including a kids gratitude journal, playing cards for the whole family, a fruit and nut variety box, a Fred Meyer gift card for any additional needs, and a dose of nasal naloxone.

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